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Attract new customers, retain your existing customers and optimize your Coworking space

Network of coworking spaces all over the world

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Attract new customers

Automatically post your empty space with the community and reach customers from all over the world

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Save time and money

Simple, very intuitive and easy to use, publish your empty space with the community in 3 simple steps

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Reduce your workload

Forget the paperwork, automate the administrative management of your coworking space, billing, fee management, contracts, bookings

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Increases custormer stays

We include loyalty tools to increase the stays of your coworkers and retain your customers

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Access to the community

Free access to a Coworkers community to share ideas, projects and knowledge with spaces and coworkers to collaborate all over the world

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Events management

Organize your events and share them with the community. Tools for the management and automation of events

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With special offers and discounts from our partners for you and your coworkers

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Frequently asked questions

  • It is not clear to me what is nomadcoworker

    NomadCoworker is an online platform for booking coworking spaces around the world, with confirmed and paid bookings. The idea is to build a coworking spaces network with a community of coworkers all over the world, just as do multinationals like WeWork. We put at your disposal the same software and management tools so that you can offer your customers the same online services as WeWork without making a high investment.

  • Can I use nomadcoworker if I already have other management software?

    Yes, of course, nomadCoworker includes management software, but only if you want to use it. If you have other management software, you can continue using it without any problem and use nomadcoworker just to share your empty space all over the world and give your customers access to the coworkers community, so that they can find synergies and collaborations around the world.

  • Does nomadcoworker help me attract new customers?

    Of course, we will do a huge effort and investment on SEO and SEM together for all coworking spaces, ads in different formats and all over the world. We will help coworking spaces gain global visibility.

  • Does nomadcoworker help me to increase coworker stays?

    Yes, we will implement a system of incentives and discounts within the platform for coworkers with longer stays, so we will help you to retain them.

  • Does nomadcoworker help me to retain my coworkers?

    Nomadcoworker helps to increase your coworker's loyalty, as we have customer loyalty tools integrated with the platform.

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